Power dressing

They might tell you otherwise, but on the whole, being a student is easy. You’re expected to go out and get embarrassingly drunk, to eat leftover lasagna from a hollowed out bread loaf,… Continue reading

The long and the short of the Pixie haircut

Every time I go the hairdresser, every time I see Emma Watson on screen, every time I have to detangle my sleepy kitten from my now beehive-like locks, I consider the pixie cut.… Continue reading

Thrifting better than Macklemore

I love sifting through heaps of weathered wool, scratchy tartan, and faded florals, stumbling across items I know won’t be found on the over-crowded shelves of some franchise store. So when my mother… Continue reading

Undressing transgender

There are days when I dislike my body. When I wish it were thinner, taller, ‘sexier’ or tighter. When I am hard on my body. When I force it to do sit-ups and… Continue reading

In my onesie

Maybe I didn’t wear enough baby-grows as an infant, maybe it’s how ridiculously beautiful Cara Delavingne looks in them or perhaps all the time spent in my floral pyjamas has gone to my… Continue reading

The Hat Theory

I remember as an awkward 15 year old with braces and bad hair-my dad (talking from beneath a furry Eskimo hat) declaring that if you want to wear attention-seeking headwear, you need to have… Continue reading

Woman in the shadows: Constance Wilde

Behind the literary giant that is Oscar Wilde, stood an inspirational woman. Like the wives of so many other famous men, Constance Wilde’s own talents; (her writing ability, outspoken feminism and flair for… Continue reading

Hatters be mad

Suit up or be declared unsuitable

Cause nothing suits the, Undisputed, Oft-saluted Suitor of repute Like a suit! Nothing suits me like a suit! –Barney Stinson If I were a power station, the amount of energy I have conserved… Continue reading


So the lovely Baroque Fashionist at http://thebaroquefashionista.wordpress.com/ (do check it out) nominated me for the Liebster Award and I am over the moon with gratitude! I have been asked to answer her questions,… Continue reading