I am in no way a fashionista, but I do love clothes. I do not religiously buy expensive brands or try to replicate runway looks but I like what I wear and every piece in my gran’s 1970s closet is worn with pride. (Except for Nightmare before Christmas hoodie- that is purely for gym and is only ever worn with a pair of dark Jacky Onassis sunglasses.)

Yes this blog is about fashion. But it also delves a little deeper. I believe clothes do more than just cleverly disguise wide hips or show off a generous bust. They’re another form of messaging. Beyond your Twitter and Facebook there are the signals you send and receive based on your personal style.

I’ll be looking at stereotypes, assumptions, how you can’t escape fashion, trends, influences on everyday outfits and tastes, how moods affect our clothing choices and confidence etc. etc.

I hope you likie!