Inspiring Blogger Award!

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  I am so happy because kreissa03 nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award! She is so sweet and has great posts so make sure you check her…

Festivaling it up

Uggs are OVAH (over)

I was sixteen. I loved boys on motorbikes and pulled my school socks up just because they were supposed to be folded over. I said: “Whatever” and rolled my eyes far too often.… Continue reading

Masculinity is so last season

I see them everywhere I go. Strolling in the street eating ice-cream, at the movies, in bars; looming next to me in the train: men who’ve spent more time, more money and more… Continue reading

The madder the gladder

Some people spend their whole lives preparing for their ‘moment.’ Waking up before dawn to run three miles, saying no to Friday night’s plans in favour of Nietche’s philosophies, spending hours learning equations… Continue reading

“Look at these hilarious words on my shirt, aren’t I just super witty and original?”

Ever since I was five years old in a chocolate-stained t-shirt surrounded by other children, I have found people frightening. The boys kiss you against your will or step on your Barbie’s tea-cup… Continue reading

Is fashion art?

Fashion is…a charming and ephemeral creation, not an everlasting work of art. Fashion should die and die quickly in order that commerce may survive. –Coco Chanel Fuelled by a desire for coffee and… Continue reading

Never play with the gypsies in the woods

An orange, stocky-looking girl surrounded by a sea of lime green frills and luminous yellow bodices stands in front of a mirror, admiring her hairspray-soaked tresses. Behind her, a patient dressmaker helps her… Continue reading

High-heel way to heaven: a feminist’s solution.

There have been times when clothes have let me down. When I’ve wished that there was a way to wear my vamp dress on a cold June night without a thick winter’s coat… Continue reading

Closet overflowing? Get yourself a hug hunnie

It seems that there are some analytical people out there who can’t quite get their head around fashion and why there’s such a fuss around it so they insist on doing studies and… Continue reading