Undressing Feminism- can we be both fashionistas and activists?

Everyone has something that stirs them inside. Makes them want to scrawl on a placard with a red marker and shout through a megaphone. For me that thing is feminism, or rather “the… Continue reading

OMG! Like what IS she wearing?

In this outfit, Lindsay Lohan needs a bra and an iron. Katie Holmes’s style bloopers…cringe! Did she staple gun that dress to herself?? Makes you feel better doesn’t it? Especially when you’ve been… Continue reading

Playing dress-up

Okay, so Willowtree is going to change your life, right now, right here- Oprah style. Do you know why you failed that Eco’s test? It’s not because you slept through all your lectures… Continue reading

Wear those blues away

Monday morning, look in mirror, should not have looked in mirror. Cereal. COFFEE. Check: Facebook, email, Twitter…Gareth Cliff you twit. Must put on fabric to keep out pneumonia. Open wardrobe: meh. Leggings? Too… Continue reading

Hang onto your boyfriend…jeans

“Maybe we love clothes more than we love men – sometimes that is the case.”-Louise Roe, presenter on Clothes Show Live You know those ageing leather boots you were wearing the last time… Continue reading

Wednesday’s Willowtree wore…

If the shoe fits…you are it

It’s Wednesday afternoon. Sitting beside my mother in 5pm traffic, I notice a young man on a skate-board across the street. Perhaps he’s worrying about his mother who’s ill, he could be on… Continue reading


I am in no way a fashionista, but I do love clothes. I do not religiously buy expensive brands or try to replicate runway looks but I like what I wear and every… Continue reading